My First Real Fuck As A Crossdresser With A Di ...

arly on in my cross-dressing days – I would get all dolled up and role-play in front of these full length sliding closet door mirrors I had in my bedroom and in the hallway, I would position other mirrors directly across and to the side as to get a full panoramic view of myself. It was so erotic, as I would be in my garter belt, stockings, g-string panties, super high heels, bra, tight top, wig and make-up. Eventually I would have this thick 12” dildo all lubed up, I would lie down and fuck myself with it in front of these mirrors and pretend it was a hot date fucking me. It was great – but not the real thing.

I finally joined a crossdresser dating site, filled in all the info, posted the nastiest photos of myself, and requested only that men would respond. The next day I literally had well over a 100 request to “hook-up” I knew I looked good, but I didn’t think the response was going to be that great. As I went over the profiles, I was struck by this guy making these claims that he would fuck me so hard, that I would faint. I’m Latin, about 5’7” and have a nice shaved body – curvy ass, hot lips, and when I get all dressed up, I look smoking hot! I started to correspond with him, back and forth, and as I did, I wanted his cock more and more. This would be the first time for me. Steve told me that he was always curious about being with a crossdresser, he was recently divorced, and wanted to live out some fantasies he had. He was white, looked very muscular, was really cute, but most importantly he said his cock was 13” and was so thick that I wouldn’t be able to get my hand around it! Wow! I thought why would his wife ever let him get away?

We decided to get together at my place on a Friday in the early evening. I had tons of lingerie, over 30 pairs of high heels, dozens of mini skirts and blouses, 50 pairs of nasty panties, a dozen different wigs, and treasure chest of stockings (or as I like to call them “fuck-socks”) all kinds of make-up, eye-shadow, mascara, eye liner, the works! Needless to say I was more then well prepared, and I was determined to make this an unforgettable night for Steve. Friday finally came; I started to get ready by taking a hot bath, shaving my whole body. I thought long and hard about the outfit I was going to wear.

Finally I decided on an off-shoulder tight black lace mini dress, with matching g-string panties (the dress was very see-through) 5 ½” fetish pink heels, black “stretchy” sheer stockings with the seams in the back and keyholes, a black Secrets and Lace Venice Garter belt with metal clips, a strapless black push-up bra, and a short curly black wig. I decided on Cover-Girl, dark pink lip stick, pink eye-shadow, with white eye-shadow lining the eyelids, white press on long finger nails, and would paint my toe-nails white as well.

As I was going through my stocking drawer; I came across a pair of black Gardenia Lace Suspender stockings (they are super nasty – slutty looking), I thought wow, these would go great with red g-string panties, a tight red semi see-through chiffon button up blouse, a red B-cup bra, some red 5 ½” spiked sandal high heels with the ankle strap, and a black pleated min-skirt. I had this short black layered wig that has this sassy style, and wouldn’t get in the way of a hot fuck. Of course I would use the Cover-Girl, with hot red lip-stick, white eye shadow around the eyelids blending into blue towards the eyebrows, heavy mascara, with black eyeliner.

I slipped on the red g-string panties, and made sure they were high on my hips, and then I sat down and slowly put on the suspender stockings, making sure they were going on perfectly, I pulled them up over my hips, and finally around my mid-section. That feeling is so hot. Methodically, I put on the red bra, stuffed a rolled up sock in each cup, put on the red high heels, put on all the make up, red hot lipstick, attached the wig, buttoned up the tight see-through red blouse, stepped into the black pleated mini-skirt, I applied the long press on finger nails, painted them red, after they dried, I sprayed on some perfume, walked over to the full length mirror to check myself out. What I saw was a nasty, come-fuck-me-now slut!

After about 30 minutes the phone rang, Steve was down stairs (he needed to be buzzed in) 2 minutes later there was a knock on the door, I opened it, and he had a bottle of brandy in one hand and some flowers in the other. “Wow, thank you!” I said in a peppy girly voice, I took the flowers and the bottle, as we walked into the living room. “You look unbelievable…oh my god, you take my breath away…” He stated as he sat on the couch. I poured a couple of stiff drinks and walked over to the couch “A toast to us” I sat on his lap “so what do you think – do I look hot enough for you?” “Oh yes you do.” As he slammed down his drink, I killed mine to; I wanted to get to the point. I got off his lap; he stood up put his hands around my waist, leaned over and started to slowly kiss me, as we kissed he slipped his hands under my skirt and was palming my ass cheeks, I stepped back and undid my skirt, all I had on now was my panties, stockings, heels, blouse and bra.

“Let’s go see your cock in the bedroom.” I took him by the hand as we walked into the room. Steve took off all his clothes, as I lay on the bed. All I could focus on was his huge dick, it was blowing up, he joined me on the bed and we started to 69 each other, I was on my back and he was over me. I could barley fit his rod into my mouth, it was true what he had said about being big. He pulled my panties to the side and started to ream my asshole, after about 10 minutes, I used the Vaseline I had set next to the night stand to lube his throbbing cock, he had me get into the “doggy style” position, I felt the initial insertion, and little by little he would inch it in more and more until I could feel the base of his cock, all the way inside me, he then started going in and out slowly. I was in utter ecstasy “you’re so big” I moaned. “Your ass is so tight” he returned the complement.

Next he had me get on my back; he put a pillow under my ass (to get better leverage) then he slid his arms under my legs and had them up in the air as his cock was deep inside me again, we started to French kiss, I started to rock my hips back and forth as to meet his thrusting pole. I swear his rod had to be about 14” long and it was as thick as a 16oz water bottle! I thought I was being fucked by a black guy, I was so intense, I thought I was going to faint! Steve got off from on top of me and stood at the side of the bed, he had me stand up on the bed (which was not easy in 5 ½” heels) and come towards him, as he steadied me, I put my arms around his neck and in one motion I wrapped my stocking legs around his waist as he shoved his hot pipe up my ass again! Oh my god, what a feeling of nastiness I had, Steve had both his hands spreading my ass cheeks and with his strong arms was moving me up and down into his long shaft, I was moaning so hard as he walked me back into the living room and sat on the couch with me on him, now as I was able to put my hands on the back of the couch and start to ride his dick. I would loosen my asshole a bit as I came down, on the way up I would tighten it to try to make him even harder and longer (if it was possible). We were kissing again “I love how fucken nasty you look in your nylons and high heels…I hope this isn’t the last time I fuck you.” I responded “It won’t be I promise!”

Without his cock exiting my hot asshole he laid me on my back on the couch, and as we continued the fucking, he licking my heels and stocking ankles. “Get your dick all the way in me, and hold it there, as you kiss me.” I ordered. “If you’re going to cum – let me knew, cuz I want all of your juice in my mouth.” Steve, just kept fucking away – he would long-stoke me, he would pull his stick almost out, then slowly jam it all the way back into my ass. I lifted my legs unto his shoulders, as the fucking got more sensational. “Have you ever fucked someone better then me?” I asked through my moaning. “No, not even close…you’re so hot…my dick is so hard…oh my god I’m going to cum!!! I slid from underneath him and knelt on the carpet in front of him as his huge cock arched into my mouth, I partially wrapped both hands around his tree-trunk and could feel the eruption come flowing from deep within his balls up his shaft and exploding into my waiting mouth!

Cum filled my mouth in no time as I could feel the excess flow down my chin, I swallowed as much as I could, but to no avail – it was too much. Steve was letting out this prim mortal scream, and the sperm just kept shooting out of his glorious cock, a second round of cum found my neck, and was all over my tight red chiffon blouse. I got to my feet and went to the kitchen area, grabbed a towel and wiped myself. I excused myself into the bathroom and straighten my stockings, fix my hair, I applied some more red lipstick, a touch of make-up, and went back out to thank my new found hero. Steve said he wanted to keep meeting, and asked if I would be willing to dress in as many different outfits as possible, which I told would not be a problem at all. For the rest of the summer we got together almost daily, he would spend the night – we hung out and fucked like rabbits.

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wish i could find a divorced guy with his own place so i could do that a couple times,,,ur very lucky

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