First Man

I started crossdressing when i was 14 it started with jacking off in my sisters panties, to putting them on in bed with one of her nighties on to, to within a year wearing full outfits and makeup when nobody was home. I kept it a secret and now im 31 and single living in a town nobody knows me south of san antonio. i had started dressing up and driving around.

this night i had put on my blue bra, panties, and garter belt with blk stockings and my 4" blk heels and my cottonblue and white floral short dress on that has spaghetti straps. i had put on my makeup and shoulder length brown haired wig on.

i had drove north on i 37 to i 410 turned around heading back south on i 37 it was sprinkling out going to pour anytime. i had to pee very bad and it was 11 pm little traffic so i pull into the picnic area drive to far end just over a hill and stop in front of the last pavillion with 1 picnic table in it. id never before just got out in public view.

no traffic i get out heels clicking as i walk in a light rain to pavillion very dark out i go to back corner squat pull my panties aside and pee and stand fix myx

panties and dress and just then a big rig with bright lites on tops the hill and slowly pulls up behind my car and stops turnin lites and rig off. dark where im at i sit at table and freaking out i watch rig. shortly the driver opens door and steps out. i decide it dark enough he wont notice im a guy. i watch as the tall man with cowboy hat on walks up to the pavillion. it starts pouring down.

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dannr posted 3 year ago

well you going to finish?

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