My New Best Friend Part 1

He looked O.K. Slim clean shaved not too old and blonde. 'Yes' I said, he wiped my cum off his face and sucked it off his fingers. 'I want more of that.' he said 'Come with me it's not far.' As we walked out I said my name was Mike and asked his. 'Pete, your new best friend.' he replied.' 'I hope so' I said getting in his car. As he drove he talked about last week and how sexy I was pissing over myself. He said it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

When we got to his front door he opened it and said 'Come in would you like a drink?' 'A glass of cold water would be nice.' He told me to sit down and went to get the water.

I quickly stripped down to my fishnet stockings and adjusted my panties. Sat back on the sofa and weighted for Pete to return. 'Wow you look so sexy Mike.

Are you always this forward? Pete asked' passing me a pint glass of water. I don't know I have never been with anyone before you. Can you watch for a time I asked. 'Shore do yo want some baby oil?' he asked. 'yes' he left the room and returned with a blanket and some baby oil. 'stand up.' he said and put the blanket on the sofa. I took a deep breath and started to cover myself with baby oil. This was a dream come true. I had dreamed of putting on a show for weeks and here I was wearing stockings and suspenders and a tiny pare of panties covering myself in baby oil in front of a stranger. I was so hot.

As I covered myself I laid back rubbing the oil onto my smooth cock I could feel Pete looking at me. I took my time and made sure all of me was wet with baby oil. Pete started to rub his cock through his trousers. I felt really sexy I was so turned on.I reached over and got the glass off water and took a gulp and spilt the rest over myself. It felt cold and my body felt so good. Pete liked what saw he had removed his trousers and was playing with his huge 9 inch cock. He was looking at my cock when he said 'You can piss if you want.' So I pulled my panties to one side and laid back and pissed all over my self. I managed to get some in my mouth and in my hair.

All the time my eyes were locked on Pete's massive cock. Fuck this was hot. I put my left arm under my ass and inserted a finger up my ass and started to fuck myself. Pete was wanking his monster cock. I said 'come on' and Pete came over to me bent down and drank the piss from my belly. Slowly he moved up to my right nipple Sucking it with his right hand wanking me off. He pulled back and looked at me.

And then we kissed. As our tongs played with each others I thought how really turned on I never thought myself to be gay but this was such a turn on. I just let my self go. Pet pulled back took off his Tshirt and sat astride me. I could feel his cock touching mine.He rubbed our cocks together slowly wanking us off.

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fbix1987 posted 1 year ago

very hot story, i want to read more

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Alabama360 posted 2 year ago

Love to hear the next chapter, this one is so hot.

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inf48 posted 3 year ago

My cock is throbbing too. I just wouldn't have let you oil yourself up, I would have done it for you. With special attention to your clitty and pussy.

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mtvlvr69 posted 3 year ago

Thanks its a real turn on knowing someone likes my true stries.
Love xxxxx

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dannr posted 3 year ago

wow my cock is hard too!

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