3 Part 2

I arrived at the Public Toilet at about the same time as last week. I was wearing my black fishnet stockings and suspenders. And I had my bra in a bag. Which was just as well because my smooth cock was sticking out the top of my panties and I held the bag to hid the bulge you could see through my tracksuit bottoms. I went into the toilet and found it was empty. So I went into the cubical with the hole. The hole looked much bigger than last week!

So I started to undress when I heard the door close next door. I put on my bra and sat on the loo. Slowly I turned my self to give a good view. I felt so sexy I wanted to put on a really good show for the guy who was watching me. So I slowly ran my fingers around my panty line. I don't think I could have spread my legs any more apart. I then moved so my cock was as close to the hole as I could get it. Then I heard the sound of the guy blowing and I could feel his warm breath washing over my hard smooth member. WOW, I was in heaven.

I touched a finger on the end of my cock and small line of pre cum formed as I moved it away. I don't know why but I then put my hand in the hole. and then I felt the guy sucking my finger and I could hear him going 'MMM' I pulled back and moved so he could see more of me and he said 'Lovely' I pulled my cock out of right side of my pants and ran my fingers slowly over its full solid length.

It felt SO GOOD the fact that I know the guy wanted me was so hot. I started to wank when I heard someone enter the loo. Last time I literally had pissed myself but this time I placed a finger from my left hand into my ass and started to fuck myself with it. Boy did it feel good, my right hand carried on wanking my swollen member. I could hear the person outside having a piss, it felt so dangerous, so hot I could feel myself starting to cum. So I stopped wanking and removed the finger from myself. Turned around and placed my butt against the hole.

Well I can tell you that know one had ever touched me before this moment and my heart was in my mouth beating so hard I could hardly breath. I just let out a small gasp when I felt him touch my ring peace. I have put my fingers in my ass before but it never felt as good as this. He started to slowly pump back and forth. I tried to relax. His finger went in so deep I let out another small gasp. I guess I let him finger me for about a few seconds or more until the person outside left. I then ever so slowly pulled my self away from him and turned around and started to place my cock in the hole.

O MY GOD what was I doing? I only wanted to put on a show not have sex!!! Yet here I was putting my cock in a hole for a guy to suck it. To start with all I could feel was him blowing on it. God if it was any harder I would not have been able to put it through the hole it just wanted to point straight up. It was so hard it only bent just to go through. Then it started.

Since then I have had blow jobs but this was the best I have ever had. I don't know how long it lasted. I was lost in the moment, the sheer bliss is hard to put into wards but it was mind blowing. When I finally came it was shattering. I came so hard I had to stop myself from screaming it was that good. When I could finally move.

After what felt like ages I pulled back and I slid myself from his mouth. I took off my bra and dressed. I opened the cubical door and the guy was stood there with cum dripping from his mouth. He said 'Please come back to my place so we can play some more?'

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fbix1987 posted 1 year ago

Wonderful story, so hot

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