Chapter 3 Part One

As I walked down the street I looked down at myself, the piss and cum was showing through my tee shirt and I was still wearing the stockings and suspenders. Wow, I had just had a wank and pissed and cum all over myself, with a guy watching me! I think the danger made it such a turn on. For a few moments I had lost myself to the sexiest feelings I had ever had. All I wanted was MORE. What will I do next time?

I was 16 slim and a virgin. Up until now I had always wanked over pictures of ladies in magazines. The fact that a guy had just watched me dressed up, left me feeling really hot! I did not want to have sex with a guy but I enjoyed having a guy see me in stockings and suspenders.

Later that week I went back to BHS and chose a black bra suspenders a tiny pair of panties and fish net stockings. I had a massive hard on. I went to pay and the same lady that served me before was there. As she put my panties in a bag she was looking at my crouch. I made no effort to hid it. In fact it made it even harder it felt like it was going to burst out of my shorts. I paid her and she said 'your girlfriend will look good in them.' And I just said 'I don't have one.' I felt myself going red, I just snatch the bag and left.

That night I dressed in my new underwear and looked at myself in the mirror and though you need to shave. So I trimmed my pubic hair with a pair of scissors and shaved my cock and balls leaving just a small amount of hair like the girls in the magazines. It felt so good. With a hard on my 7 inch slim uncut cock hid the small amount of hair. I put my panties back on and sat on the edge of the bath and looked at myself in the mirror. My cock stuck out of the top of my panties and was dripping with pre cum. The feeling of my first shave left my balls feeling so nice. mmm.

I pulled my pants to one side and spread my legs and slowly put a finger in my ass. Looking in the mirror I thought so this is the show I'm going to put on tomorrow!!

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fbix1987 posted 1 year ago

love your lingerie

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dannr posted 3 year ago

Like this one too!

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inf48 posted 3 year ago

Very hot. I would love to have shaved your 16 yo cock for you. Are you going out in your new panties and fishnet stockings?

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mtvlvr69 posted 4 year ago

How am I doing? Ready for Part 2?

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