Second Time Part 2

I'd never felt so turned on. I wanted to show him how sexy I felt. My cock felt so sensitive and I had some precum dripping out of it. Then I put my finger on it and liked the cum off my finger. It tasted salty. I gasped and then I heard voices coming in the toilet. I just froze. Two men walked in and started using the urinals. I know they could not see me, but my heart was going to explode.

My cock felt like an iron bar. So I slide my panties to one side and stared to piss over myself. The spay was so hard I could piss in my mouth and all over myself. Then the men finished and left the toilet and I let out a loud gasp. Then a voice said 'Can I come in'. Wow, myself dripping in piss and so hard, this was what I wanted. To show myself off to someone. I said 'I just want you to watch'.

And he said 'O.K'. I think that part of the turn on of crossdressing is feeling that someone finds you sexy. To be in a public toilet dripping in piss and to know someone is turned on watching is one of the most sexy feelings I have ever felt. I started wanking again and it felt great I knew that the guy watching me was into me. I placed myself to let the guy see my cock and placed a finger in my ass. I could feel I was not far from coming and my legs turned to jelly and they started to shake then I exploded I came so hard it went all over my chest and neck. After a few seconds he said 'I want to fuck you'.

I said 'We will see but for now I want you to watch'. I wiped the come off my neck put on my clothes and said 'Same time next week] and left.

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Janina52CD posted 5 month ago

Your story has brought me much joy

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fbix1987 posted 1 year ago

so exciting

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dannr posted 4 year ago

yes please write part 3.

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inf48 posted 4 year ago

Yes, I am so hard waiting for part 3

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dannr posted 4 year ago

i loved it. want more

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mtvlvr69 posted 4 year ago

What do you think of my story's? please leave a comment. Do I write part 3?

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