Second Time Part 1

It was back in the 80's no mobile phones Video was new and we still had lots of Public Toilets. I was 16yrs old slim and randy as hell. And most toilets had one cubicle with a hole (dug by local perverts)in the wall and doors that went all the way down. Not like today's flimsy cubicles. It was hot and I had just found out that I liked be watched wanking. I liked the danger, it was intense.

The thought of someone I did not know watching me wank in stockings and a thong, just gave me a hard on every time I thought even about it.

I took the bus into town and went to BHS's underwear department and purchased white stockings and suspenders and a white thong. I had a massive hard on when I paid for them, I am sure the lady notice because she said 'That must have been a hard choice.' I just smiled and left. I got the bus to a place where there was a public toilet with a hole. I sat and watched the toilet until I thought there was no one in it and went in.

To my surprise the middle of three was taken. I went in the one with the hole so that whoever was in the middle could see me. I locked the door took a deep breath and took my clothes of and started to put one my underwear. I made sure that if the person next door was watching he could see what I was doing. When I was fully dressed I started to slowly run my fingers around my panties.

My hard cock stuck out of the top of them. I wanted to put on a good show. I spread my legs and inched myself close to the hole.

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Ashley43620 posted 1 year ago

Did Mrs, Betty Slocombe sell you the underware?

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