First Time

I had to share a bedroom with my brother so having a wank was restricted to the bathroom. Some times when the house was empty I would go through my mothers draws and find a small red thong and put it on and have a wank. I was slim 6 ft tall with 7 inch uncut cock the sight of myself in the mirror wearing a tinny red thong was hot. I stole the thong and some red stockings, they felt so good. I nearly got found out on a couple of times. So I started to use the local public toilets. I would buy a porn mag and wank in the public toilet.

One of the loo's had a hole at eye level which allowed you to see through to another loo when sat down. I would block it off before I had a wank.

One day I taken my cloths off and was wearing the red thong and stockings and was wanking over a copy of Model Directory a porn mag with no words just picture of ladies with thier legs apart. When the loo role I placed in the hole fell out. I looked through the hole and could see an eye looking back at me. I felt turned one someone was watching me. So moved so the man next door could see my hard cock and slowly wanked myself off. It felt great I had never felt so turned on. The fact that a man was watching me in a thong and stockings felt so right.

So I slowly started to wank. My cock was so hard. It felt like it was going to explode. When I came the felling was so good I had never cum like that before. I quickly put on my clothes and left the toilets. I did not look back and to this day don't know who was watching me. I hope he enjoyed the show. I know that I was never blocking that hole again.

That night I lay in bed with a massive hard on. All I could think about was the show I had put on. The fact that I was being watched by someone who was turned on watching me was so sexy. All I wanted was to have a wank. The fact that someone was watching me made me feel really sexy and I wanted more.


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fbix1987 posted 1 year ago

that's very nice

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