Mijn Eerste Keer Draagt ​​Panties Verhaal

My First Panty Story by Gerry D. Dee

When I was ten years old we lived with my grandmother, my best friend was twelve and myself would play games with each other. We discovered sex one day when we were both peeing at the same time.

I noticed Barry’s penis was larger than mine and was sticking straight out while mine was pointing down into the toilet. He told me that it got that way when he played with it. When he explained what he meant I tried to play with mine and sure enough it hardened and stuck out straight.

Well it wasn’t long before we were playing with each others penis. We even progressed to taking each others cocks into our mouths. Barry being older then me was able to cum, which he did all over me.

It wasn’t long after we discovered this pleasant pastime that my parents moved into our own house way across town, meaning I lost Barry as a friend. It was two years before I saw him again, and the events, that was to alter my life, forever.

For my twelfth birthday we went to visit my grandmother and of course my friend Barry.

I was getting dressed to go see my friend and my mother coming into the room noticed me putting on the same underwear that I had on the day before. She said no way and went to the suitcase to get clean shorts.

Guess what no shorts, she forgot to pack them, that’s when she brought out a pair of her panties and told me to wear them, I protested but to no avail, my mother was a fanatic about clean underwear.

As I was pulling this white pair of nylon panties up over my hips and sliding the slippery fabric over my penis it immediately became erect, and trying to hide this fact from my mother was another job.

I quickly put on the rest of my clothes and left the house for Barry’s place very aware that something very strange was happening to me. My cock was harder than it ever had been before, making me very uncomfortable but greatly excited at the same time. I couldn’t wait to tell my friend of this new experience. I got to his place and made it through all the pleasantries required after not seeing people for a long period of time. I whispered to Barry that I had something real important to show him, so we went up to his room. When we got there I couldn’t wait to show him my panties along with my very hard dick, when I dropped my pants I noticed the front of the panties were soaked and my pecker visible through the fabric. Not Knowing what was going on I thought I had peed myself, but Barry explained it was pre-cum, a fluid that comes out of end of your cock when you get excited. Barry dropped to his knees in front of me and put his mouth over my cock outside the panties and started licking this pre-cum, then he pulled them down and took the tip into his mouth licking all the while. When his mouth engulfed my throbbing dick something very strange happened, thick creamy like stuff started coming out of me, at the time I didn’t know what was happening. Today of course I know it was the first time that I shot my load. Barry seemed to enjoy it very much as he didn’t spill a drop. We spent all day in his room discovering each other after a two-year absence. It was at this time that masturbation using these silky panties wrapped around my throbbing meat became a habit, which I still practice today.

That day is etched into my memory like it was yesterday. It was the first time I had cum in someone’s mouth the first time that there was actually cum shooting out of my dick. The first time that I had anal sex. (Almost) We were both a little green at this and never really got too far. As for the panties I had to wash them at Barry’s place before going home as both Barry and I had cum in them and on them so many times that they were stiff with cum. That day I must have orgasmed at least six or seven times, I’m not really sure of the precise number, time has faded that fact.

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Wauw zo vergelijkbaar met mijne

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